Why is DART changing its bus service?

As the North Texas region continues to experience unparalleled growth, becoming a national and international destination for both residents and corporations, DART has undertaken a complete, blank-slate redesign of the existing bus system. Working with all 13 service-area cities, employers, community leaders, and transit riders, DART has developed a new bus system that is designed to ensure passengers have safe and easy access to employment, education, and entertainment areas across the DART Service Area.

What can I expect from this service change?
  • Better Access to Bus Service – 74% of service-area residents would have access to service within a half mile on weekdays midday, compared to 68% for the existing network.
  • Improved Frequency and Longer Hours – The number of high-frequency routes – which have light rail-like schedules – will increase from seven to 22. A larger percentage of routes will have 30-minute or 40-minute headways, and off-peak service frequency will increase.
  • More Weekend Service – All local routes will have both Saturday and Sunday service.
  • Longer Routes, More Crosstown Service – Short feeder routes will be replaced with longer combined routes that have more crosstown functionality 
  • Expanded GoLink Service – The number of GoLink zones will nearly double as GoLink service will replace under-performing fixed routes and maintain service coverage. Existing zones will be expanded, and more weekend hours will be offered.
  • Restored Service Levels – Overall service quantities (hours, miles, dollars) are designed to match January 2020 bus service levels.
  • Increased Job Access – 70% of service-area jobs will be located within a half mile of a bus stop on weekdays midday, compared to 66% for the existing network. More jobs will be reachable in 75 minutes or less for all demographic groups.
When will these changes take place?

DART's New Bus Network will take into effect on Jan. 24, 2022.

How will bus routes and bus stops change?

Every bus route in our system will be changing. We will be implementing all new bus routes and numbers. Some fixed-route service will also be replaced with GoLink. Finally, some bus stops will close as well. 

How will this change help reduce travel time?
This service change includes more direct, linear routes in the system; offers more frequent service (to shorten waits); and moves some routes to get closer to where very large numbers of people are, which helps reduce travel time.

DART has also rebalanced its bus stops, so that bus stops are consistently spaced from one another – having numerous bus stops very close to one another slows down transit service. 


What will be the hours for the new bus routes?

All local DART bus routes will provide service 7 days a week between the hours of 5 a.m. and midnight, at a minimum.   

Will there be a whole new schedule with times on the new bus schedule?
All bus routes are changing. New schedules and time tables will be available ahead of the New Bus Network launch on Jan. 24. 
Is it true that there will be fewer bus stops?
Yes. The reduction of some bus stops will allow us to offer faster, more frequent service. In many cases, DART is replacing discontinued routes with GoLink service, or service is available on adjacent routes. You can learn how your route is changing by visiting DARTzoom.org and click on "Find My New Route."
Why is the New Bus Network better for me?

The new Bus Network offers:

  • Increased frequency - service on the most frequent routes will provide bus frequency matching or better than light rail service.
  • Less travel time - more direct bus routes, reduced bus stops, means faster service.
  • Improved service - all local DART bus routes will provide service 7 days a week between the hours of 5 a.m. and midnight, at a minimum. 
  • Better access - with the implementation of the New Bus Network service changes, 74% of DART service-area residents will have access to transit services within walking distance. 
What are the bus stop sign covers I'm seeing?

With every bus route changing, that means we have to change every bus stop to reflect the new service. There are nearly 10,000 bus stop signs in our service area! If you travel anywhere near an existing DART bus route, you may or will soon see a sleeve, or cover, that covers the bus stop sign. DART began installing sign covers on Oct. 11. The sign sleeve is imprinted with information about what the bus service will continue to be at that stop through Jan. 23. The cover also states what the new service at that location will be starting Jan. 24.

What is GoLink?

GoLink is an on-demand service that you schedule through the trip planner on the free GoPass app or by phone. A vehicle will pick you up at your location – usually within 15 minutes or less – and take you where you need to go within that GoLink zone. You can learn more at DARTzoom.org.

What do you mean by GoLink zone?

Each GoLink zone operates in a designated geographical area. GoLInk zones provide service to a rail station or transit center for connections to other DART services. Hours of operation vary by zone.

How do I pay for GoLink?

The easiest way to pay is in the GoPass app. You can schedule and pay for your trip in the app. If you are connecting with any other DART service, you don't have to pay again - your fare is already paid. If you use a GoPass Tap card, or a credit/card, you'll have to call in to schedule and pay. No cash accepted and no paper ticket.

Is GoLink a separate cost or is it covered by my DART fare?


Your contactless DART fare covers your GoLink trips at no additional cost.  GoLink does not accept cash fares, paper passes or vouchers on board. 

Is GoLink ADA-accessible?

Yes. If you need an ADA-accessible vehicle, you need to request it when booking. Service animals are welcome on board.

Are there plans to extend the hours of GoLink?

As of now, most zones operate from 5 a.m.- 8 p.m. as well as adding weekend service to some GoLink zones. 

Will GoLink be available for people under 18?

Yes, but children ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 

Where can I get additional information if my question was not addressed here?

If we did not address your question here, visit DART.org/Ask. Our goal is to be transparent in our communication. You may also contact DART customer service at 214-979-1111 


Access to Jobs

Published on Oct 20, 2021, 15:57 PM by Linda Webb-Manon
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The DART Board approved the New Bus Network on August 24, 2021. Read the press release HERE