What is GoLink?

GoLink is DART's on-demand service. Using a variety of vehicles and service providers, GoLink delivers on-demand DART service within a designated zone.

Now you can book an on-demand trip for work, run an errand, or connect to DART buses and trains.

Each GoLink zone provides service to a rail station or transit center for connections to other DART services. Hours of operation vary by zone.

Select a GoLink zone below for complete service information by zone, key destinations, maps and more!

GoLink Service Areas
To view a GoLink overview map, please click here

How does GoLink Work?
It's easy to get moving with GoLink. This is how you book and pay for trips

Two Ways to Book a GoLink Trip?


With the GoPass® App

  • Select "Plan" within the app and enter your current location and desired destination.  If GoLink is available for your trip, it will show as an option in your planning results.
  • Choose GoLink to proceed with your booking. 


By calling 214-515-7272

  • Reservations accepted 4 a.m. - 8 p.m. daily.
  • Only same-day trips accepted.  


Two Ways to Pay

Your GoLink trip is covered by a valid contactless DART fare purchased using one of these forms of payment:

Credit-card-icon-line-art_NAVCredit or Debit Card

GoPass-Tap-Card-icon-line-artGoPass® Tap Card

To receive the best fare, use the GoPass app or a GoPass Tap card.  You can link your GoPass Tap card to your GoPass account in the app.  When paying with a GoPass Tap card, each rider mush have their own card.  Fares are per person, per trip.  Sorry, but GoLink does not accept cash fares, paper passes or vouchers on board.

To learn about available fare types, please visit DART.org/fares.





    Booking a Trip

    Select “Plan” within the GoPass app and enter your location and destination information.

    If UberPool is available for your trip, it will show as an option in your planning results. You will be linked to the Uber app to complete your booking.

    UberPool Rates

    $1* -Travel anywhere within the zone to or from the designated DART station or transit center. (Prices are per person, per trip – including children)

    $3 - Travel point-to-point, to or from any location within a single zone. (Prices are per person, per trip – including children)

    * The $1 fee is waived during the introductory period. After that, riders will be charged for these trips.


    How can you get started with GoLink?
    Here are a couple of examples to explain how the service works.

    With the GoPass® app

    Anthony needs a ride to the DART Rail station located within his GoLink zone. His train is scheduled to depart in 27 minutes. Using the trip-planning feature in the GoPass app, he sees that a GoLink vehicle can drop him off at the station in 18 minutes. His fare would already be covered by the day pass he purchased in the app earlier that day, so he’s all set and ready to make his connection.

    Over the Phone

    Maria wants to meet her friend for lunch, but she needs a ride from her apartment. Since she does not have the GoPass app, she calls 214-515-7272 to book her trip and purchase her DART fare over the phone. The DART representative tells her she can pay with a credit card, a debit card or a GoPass Tap card. Maria chooses to pay with her GoPass Tap card, and the representative informs her that a GoLink vehicle will arrive in 14 minutes.

    Five Keys to a Smooth Ride

    1.  All trips require an advance booking. No walk-ons allowed.

    2.  If you need an ADA-accessible vehicle, be sure to request it when booking.

    3.  Children ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

    4.  Be ready. Vehicles depart briefly after arriving at the pick-up point.

    5.  Need to cancel a trip? Be sure to do so before the vehicle arrives, either via the app or by calling 214-515-7272.

    Contact us

    For more information about GoLink, call DART Customer Information at 214-979-1111.